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neXtgen Sheep Breeding.

Do you wonder if you are buying the best rams for your enterprise? 
Do you want to feel more confident when selecting rams and classing ewes? 
Are you confused by all of the jargon and mystique around genetics? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course has been designed specifically for you

This course incorporates video content, a workbook, demonstrations and auto calculated tools to help with pin-pointing your breeding plan. We will highlight where you are now, your target and  the directions for the near future in order to make genetic gain in your enterprise.

See below a full list of topics we will cover with you

What's included?

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Let's get started
neXtgen Sheep Breeding Workbook
24.8 MB
Welcome to neXtgen Sheep Breeding
1 min
Aims and approach
5 mins
3 mins
1. The opportunity in genetic gain
The opportunity in genetic gain and Exercise 1 & 2
14 mins
2. The four pillars of genetic gain and understanding breeding values
The four pillars of genetic gain
2 mins
Pillar one: Heritability of the trait
3 mins
Pillar two: Accuracy of selection and Exercise 3
10 mins
Understanding breeding values
22 mins
Pillar three: Selection intensity
5 mins
Pillar four: Generation intervals
6 mins
3. Which traits should you focus on?
Which traits should you focus on and Exercise 4
9 mins
Those that make you money
30 mins
Those that save you money
21 mins
Those that save you time
14 mins
Those that delight a customer and Exercise 5
12 mins
4. Buying the right rams for you
Buying the right rams
4 mins
Decision support tool - Merino
9 mins
Decision support tool - Maternal
5 mins
Web Breeding Objective DST- MERINO
104 KB
Web Breeding Objective DST - MATERNAL
114 KB
Web Breeding Objective DST - TERMINAL
115 KB
Web Breeding Objective DST - Dohne
109 KB
Exercise 6
1 min
Sheep Genetics website
16 mins
Preparing for and inspecting on sale day
26 mins
5. Ewe selection
Replacement ewes
18 mins
Finishing up
Wrapping up
3 mins
Visual sheep scoring
Terminal Percentiles
Maternal Percentiles
Merino Percentiles
Additional information: LAMBPLAN
Additional information: MERINOSELECT
Thank you
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