neXtgen Sheep Breeding Masterclass. by neXtgen Agri
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neXtgen Sheep Breeding Masterclass.

Whether you are a ram buyer or a ram breeder, if you are ready to take your sheep breeding program to the next level this is the training course for you.  

The Masterclass incorporates 12 sessions of coaching to guide and actionable plan for the genetics of your enterprise.  You will be working with Mark Ferguson and the team at neXtgen Agri as well as 11 other farm enterprises with the same commitment as you to nail their sheep breeding program.  

The first 12 businesses through the door will get this opportunity, after that you will be on a waiting list until the next course becomes available. We will walk you through material and exercises each Monday and Friday for 6 weeks. This course does require a commitment of 2 to 6hrs per week to complete the activities and attend the sessions.  

The sessions include:
  1. Establishing a baseline
  2. Defining shared goals
  3. The basics of understanding genetics and breeding
  4. The basics of your sheep flock
  5. Your sheep, your business
  6. The value of the key traits to your business
  7. Your sheep, your business - discussion time
  8. Defining the plan and source of rams
  9. Clarifying trait cut-offs and searching for rams
  10. Finalising the breeding objective
  11. Genetic gain in practice
  12. Ram catalogue critique and the action plan

Enrollment is closed
1. Establishing a baseline
neXtgen Agri Sheep Breeding Masterclass
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2. Defining shared goals
Genetics Plan Document
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10. Finalising the breeding objective
Web Breeding Objective DST - Dohne
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Web Breeding Objective DST- MERINO
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Web Breeding Objective DST - MATERNAL
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Web Breeding Objective DST - TERMINAL
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Session 1. Monday 3 August
58 mins
Session 2. Friday 7 August
(1h 50m 14s)
Session 3. Monday 10 August
(1h 24m 34s)
Session 4. Friday 14 August
(1h 16m 21s)
Session 5. Monday 17 August
(1h 12m 04s)
Session 6. Friday 21 August
(1h 05m 18s)
Session 7. Friday 28 August
58 mins
Session 8. Friday 4 September
49 mins
Heritability of traits for Sheep Breeders
44 mins