Head Shepherd 2020. by neXtgen Agri

Head Shepherd 2020.

We've pulled together an exciting group of experts, below is an overview of all of our speakers and topics covered. Pull up that favourite chair and lets get learning!

Conference sessions

Let's get started
Dr. Mark Ferguson Bio
392 KB
Dr Mark Ferguson - Welcome
9 mins
Traci Houpapa
Traci Houpapa Bio
273 KB
Traci Houpapa - Dare to lead
47 mins
D. Andrew Whale
Dr. Andrew Whale Bio
292 KB
Dr. Andrew Whale - Healthy ewes, healthy business
37 mins
Professor Herman Raadsma
Professor Herman Raadsma Bio
591 KB
Professor Herman Raadsma - Breeding for a consumer driven world
44 mins
Julia Jones
Julia Jones Bio
3.03 MB
Julia Jones - Our prosperous future
30 mins
Dr. Andrew Kennedy
Dr. Andrew Kennedy Bio
262 KB
Dr. Andrew Kennedy - Minimising the carbon footprint of the breeding ewe
35 mins
Dr. Amy Lockwood
Dr. Amy Lockwood Bio
1.88 MB
Dr. Amy Lockwood - The lambing paddock.mp4
28 mins
Rachel Titley
Rachel Titley Bio
1.48 MB
Rachel Titley Worksheet
35.6 MB
Rachel Titley - Leveraging your life
28 mins
Dr. Bronwyn Clarke
Dr Bronwyn Clarke Bio
155 KB
Dr. Bronwyn Clarke - Could we be classing them wrong?
32 mins
Dr. Holly Ludeman
Dr. Holly Ludeman Bio
95.9 KB
Dr. Holly Ludeman - The power of transparency
20 mins
Additional material; Hollys first blog
Additional material; Veterinarian Interview
Additional material; Sheep and Cattle Timelapse
Additional material; The Sheep Collective Story
Wrapping up
Dr. Mark Ferguson
392 KB
Create your future and Conference conclusion
11 mins
Additional Information
Information shared on the Chat section of the conference
18.2 KB
Thank you
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