No.1 20Feb2020 Gus Rose and Emma McCrabb, Sheep Genetics
No.2 05Mar2020 Andrew Thompson, Murdoch University
No.3 19Mar2020 Darren Gordon, neXtgen Agri & Livestock Logic
No.4 02Apr2020 Sarah Nolet, AgThentic and Tenacious ventures
No.5 16April2020 Head Shepherd Conference
No.6 30Apr2020 Dr Mark Ferguson, neXtgen Agri
No.7 14May2020 Will Gibson, neXtgen Agri
“Why using breeding values isn’t selling out on tradition” with Dr. Mark Ferguson, neXtgen Agri
"Do breeding values really work" with Mark Ferguson
No.8 28May2020 Dr. Kathryn McRae, AgResearch
No.9 25June2020 Charles Douglas-Clifford, Stonyhurst
No.10 AUDIO* 09July2020 Dr. Peter McGilchrist, Senior Lecturer in Meat Science, University of New England
No.11 AUDIO* 23 July 2020 Prof. Paul Kenyon, Massey University
(1h 01m 00s)
No.11 23 July 2020 Prof. Paul Kenyon, Massey University