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Our online course.

We understand it is not easy to get off farm to get the information you need. Our online training courses are designed to be completed at a time that suits you and from the comfort of your own home. They are designed to incorporate the different farming environments and systems that occur across different countries.

Farm Fit Ewes.

Stay Fit
Fed Fit 
Bred Fit 
Run Fit 
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neXtgen Sheep Breeding.

Practical and to the point this course will enable you to build and implement your genetic plan with confidence.
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Head Shepherd 2020.

We've pulled together a fantastic group of experts for our online conference. 
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Your genetic plan.

Learn to create a tailored genetic plan with Dr Mark Ferguson that delivers genetic gain, aligns your business and increases profit.
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Magnificent Maidens

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Genetics of reproduction and lamb survival

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Dr. Mark Ferguson speaking about Breeding Values

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Magnificent Maidens Workshop 1

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